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Transformation: America’s Journey Into Darkness

A civil war of values, of ideals, and of moral principles is occurring in America today. A Culture War for the future of American civilization is taking place. This war will be won or lost in your lifetime and the results of this war will be as significant as the results of the War for […]

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The Confident Sheperd

Sheep without a shepherd get fearful, scattered, sick and lost. Without a true and properly confident shepherd, the flock gets targeted by predators, stolen, and even killed. Shepherds are important to the general welfare and direction of society’s flocks. When the shepherds become phony, disillusioned, self-deceived, neglectful, and even downright corrupt, the “green pastures” of […]

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“Modern Family” Misnomer

“Father Knows Best” has somehow been replaced by “Modern Family” Father Knows Best has somehow been replaced by Modern Family.  The Biblical and natural nuclear family comprised of father, mother, and children has been undermined by wholesale divorce, remarriage, step families, and multicultural acceptance.  While great sympathies can be had for broken families, and there are positive examples of […]

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The Arts of Selling

Huxley’s Amazingly Accurate Prophecies of American Politics The headline is not The Art of the Deal , the bestselling biography and how-to book by our new entertainer President, Donald Trump. It is a chapter title of Aldous Huxley’s own commentary on his bestselling and iconic novel Brave New World. That is why it is pertinent today. The topic and […]

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Trump’s Power Tower

Grading the President’s Performance After 100 Days in Office. Presidential performance has more Monday morning pundits than any NFL quarterback. After 100 days in office, the first report cards are coming out with mixed grades. Those that reviled him, revile him still. Some that did not vote for him believe that he is actually growing […]

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About Dr. Levesque

Dr. Douglas Levesque is the founder of The Bible Nation Society, a 21st century think tank. He is also the Pastor Emeritus of Immanuel Baptist Church, Corunna MI which he founded in 1995. Dr. Levesque is gifted with a keen insight to decipher current events and trends through the lens of Scripture and historical precedent. His writing, speaking, and advocacy confront modern societal issues with a prophetic voice. Whether leading the nation to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the English Bible (KJV), warning of the coming religious liberty crisis, or opposing the redefinition of marriage, Dr. Levesque is an unyielding Bible advocate. He resides in Michigan with his wife Amy, their five sons and daughter-in-law. They continue to actively serve at Immanuel.